Word of the Day – Description of Meeting Roles

This post lists recommendations for one role. For other roles, see the crossroads.

introduce the word of the day (or an expression, an idiom, etc.), explain the correct  use of it and give some examples of its use. It should be a word that will help members increase their vocabulary and one that can be incorporated easily into everyday conversation, but is different from the way people usually express themselves. Adjectives and adverbs are more adaptable than nouns or verbs, but feel free to select your own special word. If you know the theme of the meeting, use this to help you select your word.

print the word of the day in big letters on two sheets of paper: hang one of them on the lectern and put the second one on the table in the middle of the ‘U’ shape (where audience sits) so that the members which are on the stage as well as the audience see the word of the day (more effective than writing it on the board since it’s hard to see for most of the audience)

count the use of the word of the day for everyone who spoke on the stage

Check in the CL (Competent Leadership) manual if this role fulfills any of the projects of the manual. If it does, don’t forget to bring your CL manual to the meeting and before the meeting ask someone to evaluate you in that role.

For more info about the role: http://district59.eu/kb.php?mode=article&k=14