Bohemian Toastmasters Club is a diverse international environment where you can improve your communication, speaking and leadership skills, meet new people and gain new experiences. Our meetings are in English, but you don’t have to be a native English speaker to join. In fact, we encourage non-native speakers to come.

Bohemian Toastmasters Club is member of Toastmasters International and the District 95 European Toastmasters. The club was founded in October 2006 and has many Czech members but also members of many other nationalities.

What’s in it for you?

Whether you’re a professional, student, stay-at-home parent or retiree, Toastmasters is the best way to improve your communication skills.

Toastmasters can help you lose the fear of public speaking and learn skills that will help you be more successful in whatever path you have chosen. You’ll comfortably give and receive constructive evaluation.

If you already have some or all of these skills, you will enhance them at Toastmasters.

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Club Officers

Tomáš Křížek

Karl Nedved

Edit Kutorglo
VP Membership

Cedric Plettinx
VP Public Relations

Jan Míchal

Hana Berkova