The best communication skills training for the lowest price – Toastmasters

Lately I was investigating expenses for communication and presentation skills trainings in Prague. The result: 5, 10 or even 15 thousand Czech crowns for 1-4 days seminar? I am not trying to say that these seminars are of a poor standard or that the tutors are amateur – not at all. Nonetheless I have really serious doubts about whether a shy person can become a communication expert in just few days as is often promised. Generally, I have doubts that these courses will help you to improve your public speaking. I will explain.

To become an expert you need a great deal of training in front of various audiences on different topics and you need constant feedback about your speeches. Moreover, this shoud be feedback over a period of timel which will also celebrate your progress. This is the cornerstone – can you make progress in 2 days? Based on my experience -No . My second doubt – will you have enough opportunities to speak (10 participants, 2 days, 14 hours) – probably NOT.

I was lucky to find Toastmasters before paying for these seminars. In Toastmasters you have the advantage of being able to speak in every meeting. We meet every second week, moreover you can visit as many TM clubs you want or be a member of more than one if you wish. In Toastmasters we don’t only learn to give a speech, we also learn to give feedback. Everybody in Toastmasters is evaluated during the meeting. Join any Toastmasters club as a guest (preferably Bohemian Toastmasters :-) ) and you will find out, this is a place where you really improve your communication skills.

How much does it cost? You pay one-time lifelong fee – 650 CZK and half-year fee to your club. Club fees vary based on club policy and costs, usually between 800 – 1500 CZK. By being a member of Toastmasters you not only improve your communication and leadership skills, you will also join the community of motivated, smart and positive people. Every single one of them wants you to succeed, – isn’t it great!

Looking forward to seeing you on our next meeting!

Michal Blazek
VPPR of Bohemian Toastmasters