Table Topics Evaluator – Description of Meeting Roles

This post lists recommendations for one role. For other roles, see the crossroads.

You evaluate Table Topic Speakers whose speeches are 1-2 min. You have 5 min to evaluate about eight TT Speakers, i.e. you have less than 40 sec for one Speaker: give 1-2 commendations and 1-2 recommendations to every of them. Do not go in detail here, there isn’t really a point since it’s an impromptu speech. Try to choose such recommendations that can be useful to other members, as well.

Your job is to evaluate TT Speakers, not the TT Master (that’s General Evaluator’s job).

Check in the CL (Competent Leadership) manual if this role fulfills any of the projects of the manual. If it does, don’t forget to bring your CL manual to the meeting and before the meeting ask someone to evaluate you in that role.