Speaker – Description of Meeting Roles

This post lists recommendations for one role. For other roles, see the disambiguation.

Make sure you enter the (final) speech title by Monday 2pm (the day of the meeting)
Check that the right project is entered for your speech (advanced speakers: check if there’s right timing for your speech, sometimes it’s wrong in EasySpeak!)

At the beginning of your speech say ‘Mr. (or Madam) Toastmaster, fellow Toastmasters and guests’ or ‘Mr. (or Madam) Toastmaster, ladies and gentlemen’, etc.

After completing your 6th speech from CC manual:

  • it’s recommended that you give 1-2 speeches at another TM club – different environment, room, audience, evaluators, etc! In Prague there is Prague Business Toastmasters and Prague Speakers (English-speaking TM clubs) and Amplion (Czech- & Slovak-speaking TM club). If you decide to give a speech in another club, let the VPE know about it.
  • you can take the role of the Toastmaster of the meeting or the General Evaluator
  • you can compete in the International Speech Contest which takes place every spring (March – April)

Check in the CL (Competent Leadership) manual if this role fulfills any of the projects of the manual. If it does, don’t forget to bring your CL manual to the meeting and before the meeting ask someone to evaluate you in that role.

More info on the two TM clubs in Prague mentioned before:

Not sure if you can talk about ‘sensitive’ topics such as religion, sex and politics? See You Can’t Talk About That! on TI web site.

If you need help about concerning your speech preparation and delivery, please contact the VPE.