Residential Weekend 2015 – Report by Peter Hrušovský

Residential Weekend 2015 is over now. It will be remembered for long! Engage, Educate, Enjoy was the main line of the whole weekend. In hotel Nahac, as usual!

It starts with Enjoy on Friday night with entertaining part held by Andreas Fehrens in bowling bar. Lots of fun in there! And lots of networking. I have a short workshop with S@A committee. 20 people in total! Wow, thanks to all of them.

Educate part started on Saturday. It was chain on 5 workshops and masterclass with 3 speakers. I attended workshop of Petr Havel, Ineke Vermeulen, mine (of course :-), Daniel Samol and Andrea Drietomska. All the workshops were interesting in some aspect. And all of them were leaded by true specialists in their area. Wit respect to all of them, I would like to highlight Ineke’s WS. The topic was pointed to group decisions, why group decisions are bad often and how to overcome this. The time (45min) was really short for this one. And I want to know more :-)
Saturday evening was in sign of fun and Engage. Stand up comedians were really really funny. Especially David Talacko from Amplion was brilliant. All of them. The whole day was without any incidents or problems, therefor I had a time to enjoy evening. Thanks to my S@A committee again!

Sunday morning was set up as officers training. We discussed mainly topics of membership and members involvement in club business. After that, the golden part, Masterclass speakers with their improved speeches. You should see the difference. Masterclass is the most visible part of whole Residential Weekend Education.
Whole weekend was really education, with lots of passionate and motivated people. I would like to thank to Ewan, Clara, Vera, Iwona and Pavel for working with them in organization of this woderfull event!
See you next year!