Quiz Master – Description of Meeting Roles

This post lists recommendations for one role. For other roles, see the crossroads.

  • You can divide the audience into two (or more) groups according to gender, color of hair, hungry /not hungry, etc! ;) or members can compete as individuals.
  • Your questions should be neither too easy nor too difficult, i.e. if members shout the correct answer before you finish the question, that was a too easy question.
  • Only ask questions you know the answers to! ;)
  • The person who the question is about can not answer the question (logical,right? ;))
  • You’re the one who decides who was the first one to give the correct answer, not the audience so don’t let them argue with you

Check in the CL (Competent Leadership) manual if this role fulfills any of the projects of the manual. If it does, don’t forget to bring your CL manual to the meeting and before the meeting ask someone to evaluate you in that role.