Our special? Workshop every meeting!

Today there are countless Toastmasters clubs in Prague and you may ask yourselves what do we have to offer? What makes us special? One of the things that makes us different is that we have a 30-45 minute workshop every meeting. Our members can testify that it is an awesome thing.

Advertising workshop with Karel Nedvěd

One reason is that we can learn and practice many different things from each other because in our club we have variety of profesionals from different fields. Recently we had workshops focused on advertising, negotiation, evaluation and communication.

Communication workshop with Lenka Dvořáková

Second reason why we love our regular workshops is that they give us a chance to conduct a workshop in a safe and friendly environment. Many of us do workshops or some educational sessions from time to time at work and here we have the wonderful opportunity to experiment and play with our teaching skills. Come and joins us at one of our meetings, have fun and learn something new!