Get rid of fear! Gain confidence in Communication!

We invite you to visit next meeting of Bohemian Toastmasters that will be kind of special. We are going to host two experienced guest speakers.

Update: 13/12/2014 – See photos on Facebook.

The meeting will start with the workshop lead by Petr Jasinski – HOW TO APPROACH PEOPLE AND MAKE FIRST CONTACT
“I will teach you what are the DOs and DONTs of approaching new people, introducing yourself and exchanging contact information, for both business and personal purpouses. No more ackward silence, no more anxiety for you.”

Afterwards the TEDx Speaker Judi Challiner and Adnreas Fehrens will uncover THE KNOW HOW OF FEARLESS COMMUNICATION in 60 minutes workshop.

See the agenda of the meeting –
Visit our club page –

And most importantly VISIT THIS MEETING. It will be legen…wait for it… dary!!

Btw. It is free. We are going to the pub after the meeting, just book this time in your calendar.