Evaluator – Description of Meeting Roles

This post lists recommendations for one role. For other roles, see the disambiguation.

When you’re choosing to evaluate someone’s speech, please try to pick a member who has approximately the same or lower level of Toastmasters experience, which means you’ve completed about the same number of speeches in CC manual as the Speaker did or more. However, if a Speaker who has done more speeches than you asks you to evaluate their speech, then no problem, feel free to do it! ;)

If you’re a member who already completed CC manual (i.e. you’re an advanced Toastmaster), then there are no real “rules” here so you can evaluate a speech of more advanced member if you like.

When evaluating a Speaker, it’s very good to use ‘Sandwich Method’, i.e. commendation, then recommendation and conclude again with a commendation. Pick not more than 3 commendations and 3 recommendations. If you have more to say to the Speaker, include it in the written evaluation in their manual or you can tell them personally after the meeting. Try to choose such recommendations that can be useful to other members, as well.

More info on giving evaluations at Sixminutes.dlugan.com

Check in the CL (Competent Leadership) manual if this role fulfills any of the projects of the manual. If it does, don’t forget to bring your CL manual to the meeting and before the meeting ask someone to evaluate you in that role.