Energize Your Life – BTM Meeting 10/11/2014

Paul Thompson, nationally acclaimed public speaker and motivator is going to visit Bohemian Toastmasters. We have the unique opportunity to hear Paul’s speech regarding his new book Energize Your Life.

Needed to say, Paul has a lot to say regarding energizing as he is very motivated and positive person, small business owner and financial planner that can spread the joy to people around him. And we have the unique opportunity to hear his speech!

We invite all members as well as guests to our meeting. Anyone can come, it is free. Please, just leave us a message to reserve a seat info@bohemiantoastmasters.org

Paul Thompson in Prague

Paul’s Website: www.energizeyourlifetoday.com
Club Website: www.bohemiantoastmasters.org

Looking forward to seeing you on Monday, 10th November.

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