Committee Training in Brno 14/06/2014

Last Saturday 5 members of Bohemian Toastmasters participated in the Committee Training in Toastmasters Leadership Institute Brno. Firstly, we would like to thank you Brno guys for organizing this fabulous meeting. The training consists of three parts:

  • main mentoring session – all the roles spent 60 minutes with the experienced mentor who was giving mentees the most valuable skills to manage new role.
  • „rotating“ mentoring session – in this part mentors of all the roles was visiting tables of other roles and was supposed to give a short presentation and lead a 15 minutes discussion to describe the aspects of his role to other committee members. In the same time, it is possible to say that this was a great networking opportunity.
  • workshop session – experienced Toastmasters was introducing key topics for any TM committee. For example how to manage EasySpeak (Toastmasters IT system), what is DCP (Distinguished Club Programme) or how to organize the best ever contest.

After this training, party was going to take place. Unfortunately, we were not in, means we cannot provide you a report (and even though we would have visited the party, most likely we would not publish the report :)).

Committee Training in Brno

Five members of Bohemian Toastmasters created a short report for you:

Nikol, Vice President for Membership

On Saturday 14/6 I had the opportunity to participate on Toastmasters Leadership Institute which was held in Brno. Whole day venue started with mentoring session that was lead by an experienced mentor. In my case of experienced VPM that was supposed to introduce us this new role and pass us for example some key learnings. Unfortunately I was not that lucky in this session as our mentor came late, almost by the end of the session. However, the other sessions were already much better and some speakers did great job and were able to provide us with useful information. Participating at this event I had also a chance to get to know very interesting people / colleagues from different clubs which I appreciate very much.

Jan, Sergeant at Arms

My report is the following:

Seminar for Sergeants at Arms
14 June, 2014, 10:15–11:15, Brno, Padowetz Restaurant
Held by Ivan Polák (VSE-TM)

There were about 15 participants, we all sat in circla around a single table.

The lecturer talked about how important the role is and what its responsibilities are, mostly things I already new as I had been S@A in the past.

I took the following notes:

  • be prepared to improvize
  • make people feel welcome in the meeting venue
  • make it obvious for people what to do (with signs etc.)
  • be punctual

Then he had each of us pick one of cards that he had brought, each with an item not to forget to bring to every meeting, and we discussed them. These items included some things that we do not use in our club: Word-of-the-day Cards, bluetack, Table-topic Cards, Ah Bell (used to indicate filler sounds to some speakers immediately as they are made), name tags (even for guests).

In the final part we talked about desirable qualities of S@A’s approach which were represented by the keywords PRACTICAL, OBSERVANT and EXPERIMENTAL.

Michal, Vice President for Public Relation

Michal was a mentor for VPPRs. He was speaking about the importance of public relation and little “advanced” tools and methods of promotion that he was not able to find in official Toastmasters manuals. All the handouts can be found on Michal’s blog.

Andreas, President of Die Prager Toastmasters and member of BTM

Andreas is a long term member of BTM and president of Die Prager Toastmasters, German speaking club in Prague. “For me the key sentence during the presidential training was: Don’t do all the work but know all.”

Tanja, VPE of Die Prager Toastmasters and member of BTM

During our VPE training we had brainstorming sessions about three topics.

  • Why VPE? We found out that some of us chose to be Vice President Education because they like the interpersonal contact, talking to members and helping others to improve. On the other had, some people became VPE more or less voluntarily thanks to their good organisation skills. No matter what is the reason for being VPE, we all agreed that this role has a big responsibility in leading the club and workload is even higher than for the President.
  • Our goal? Regarding the goal of the VPE we concluded that this role is a “mentor square”. The goal for the VPE is not only to fill the agenda for the meeting but also to motivate club members to progress further and to support mentors.
  • Ideas? Last but not least, we collected creative ideas VPEs can introduce in their clubs. Our ideas started with “creating a long term plan to fill the roles for the meetings”, went on to “organizing special meetings, e.g. stand up comedy or summer meeting in the park” and culminated in “inviting professional speakers or guest speakers”.

All in all it was a worthwhile learning experience where I could share ideas with others and profit from their experience.


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