Club Traveler’s Contest

(Copying the message from Jaro Kovac, Division D Governor)

Dear friends, a Club Traveler`s Contest is here!

As promised, this year we will have a traveler’s contest in our Division.

What does it mean?

Starting today, you can track your visits to clubs that you are not a member of. After the contest deadline we will award a new Traveler`s trophy to the most active traveler in our Division D. The trophy will be handed to the winner during the spring Division D conference in front of all the attending members.

How to win? Follow these rules:

visit as many different clubs as possible (Division and Area governors are disqualified from the contest)
get a signed confirmation of the visited club´s President, VPE or other attending officer saying when you have attended the meeting
any club anywhere in the world counts
for each different club that you visit, you get a point (only 1 point for 1 club)

You can share your progress here: (tell me you are interested and I’ll send you the link and form –, Michal, VPPR).

The person, who collects the most points in period between 16th September 2013 and the day of spring Division D conference in 2014, wins the trophy!

You can use the document attached to this message (or any other paper) to collect signatures.