Can you solve the puzzle?

What is the next number in the sequence:FrankfurtConf

1   4   12   15   45   48   144   …?

Easy? So how about this puzzle:

Prague   Prague   Budapest …?

If you said Frankfurt, you were right!

After our club contest in Prague, Area D2 Contest in Prague and Division D contest in Budapest, the next stop will be the District 95 Conference in Frankfurt on November 14-16, 2014.

And you know what? It will be the first District 95 Conference EVER! The former District 59 was split and a new District 95 was created, so the conference is a unique chance to meet our new fellow “districtians” from the Nordic countries, Germany, Poland, Austria, Hungary, and our own Czech Republic.

There are 95 reasons to be at the conference! Register, follow on Facebook, spread the word!



And by the way, the answer to the number puzzle is 147 ;-)