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What’s the time? I know! It is “pay your dues time” :)

Dear Members,

I hope you enjoyed the summer as much as I did. We entered the Autum with really optimistic news for all of us. THE FEES for the next period ARE LOWER. I would like to meet every one of you again and again hence (word of the day!) I would like to ask you to pay your Membership Fees right now :-)

Please send 950,- CZK to our bank account 2622 392 001 / 5500. Write your name to the note please. Just to confirm for our guests. YES! You pay only 950 CZK for 6 months!

Peter the Treasurer

Humorous Speech and Table Topics Contest in English – 15th September

Who will take up the challenge and become the contestant? We are searching for speakers in both competitions.

EVERY MEMBER can compete in the contest no matter how many speeches you have completed!

You can give a speech from your CC (Competent Communication) manual if you want.

Humorous speech should be 5-7 min, Table Topics: 1-2 min.

Apart from speakers we are also searching for judges, counters and timers.

Please, email to petra.vondrackova@gmail.com you want to participate in any of the competitions or if you can support us with any role until Wednesday, 10th September.

As we do not organize a German competition, please contact us if you want to be nominated by our club to Area D2 contest.

Other important events:

  • Area D2 contest (Prague?) – 27th September. You can join this event here:
    Can you support us with the organization? We are searching a volunteer to become a part of the organization committee of this competition.
  • Division D contest (TBC)- 11th October
  • District Contest (Frankfurt) – 14th – 16th November

New meeting venue for a meeting Monday, 4th

Dear Members and Guest, the next meeting on Monday, 4th August will be held in MAM Prostor, U Teplárny 3, Prague 5. The time remains the same – 7:15 PM. See you on Monday!

You know…

Soooo….Hi guys, the market situation in the US, you know, regarding bond trading, you know, is not ideal, you know, but we managed to….you know….

The speech of this type I have recently heard from an American colleague at the conference I attended. Seriously, I am not exaggerating. I had the feeling he used the phrase “you know” at least twice in each sentence. I didn’t know this person, but I immediately gave him the nickname “you know guy”. Read the rest of this entry »

Committee Training in Brno 14/06/2014

Last Saturday 5 members of Bohemian Toastmasters participated in the Committee Training in Toastmasters Leadership Institute Brno. Firstly, we would like to thank you Brno guys for organizing this fabulous meeting. The training consists of three parts:

Read the rest of this entry »

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