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The best communication skills training for the lowest price – Toastmasters

Lately I was investigating expenses for communication and presentation skills trainings in Prague. The result: 5, 10 or even 15 thousand Czech crowns for 1-4 days seminar? I am not trying to say that these seminars are of a poor standard or that the tutors are amateur – not at all. Nonetheless I have really serious doubts about whether a shy person can become a communication expert in just few days as is often promised. Generally, I have doubts that these courses will help you to improve your public speaking. I will explain.

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Area D5 Conference: Toastmasters International Speech and Evaluation Contest

Dear friends, come and join us for the Area conference on Saturday, March 22nd, to create great atmosphere for our contestants!

Be there! Registred HERE to support Andreas Fehrens in contests.

Residential Weekend 2014 Statistics

The weekend was superb! Here we have some statistics.

Best Speakers and Evaluators from Bohemian Toastmasters

Bohemian Toastmasters knows the best speakers and evaluators who came up from the latest contest on Monday.

Best Speakers:

  1. Andreas Fehrens
  2. Peter Hrušovský
  3. Michal Blažek

Best Speakers
Left to right: Peter Hrušovský, Michal Blažek, Andreas Fehrens

Best Evaluators

  1. Andreas Fehrens
  2. Petra Vondráčková
  3. Ondřej Vodňanský

Best Evaluators
Left to right: Lenka Dvořáková (Contest Master), Andreas Fehrens, Petra Vondráčková, Ondřej Vodňanský


Andreas Fehrens achieved his ACG. Congratulation!

Andreas Fehrens, ACG

We are really happy to announce that Andreas Fehrens, one of the most faithful members of Bohemian Toastmasters received his Advanced Communicator Gold award. Great job! Our club is extremely proud to have you in our lines.

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