Andreas Fehrens won the German Humorous Speeches Contest

Andreas Fehrens, one of the most experienced BTM member, won the German Humorous Speeches Contest and was 2nd in the German TableTopics Contest on the Division D Contest in Vienna. Congratulation from all BTM members! We are happy to have you in our club!

The reults of the Contests are as follows (source: Prague Speakers FB).

Czech TableTopics:
1st place – Robert Srnka (Vox Fortis)
2nd place – Petr Pelčík (Amplion Toastmasters)

Czech Humorous Speeches
1st place – Janka Smotlakova (Vox Fortis)
2nd place – Tomáš Sedlmajer (Amplion Toastmasters)

German TableTopics
1st place – Klaus Hammer (Vox Fortis)
2nd place – Andreas Fehrens (Bohemian Toastmasters)

German Humorous Speeches
1st place – Andreas Fehrens (Bohemian Toastmasters)
2nd place – Klaus Hammer (Vox Fortis)

English TableTopics
1st place – Vera Orac (Prague Speakers)
2nd place – Anezka Novak (Amplion Toastmasters)
3rd place – Robert Srnka (Vox Fortis)

English Humorous Speeches
1st place – Silvio Michal (Vox Fortis)
2nd place – Viktor Morandini (Budapest Toastmasters)
3rd place – Petr Havel (Prague Business Toastmasters)

Congratulations to all of our Champions!