Andreas Fehrens achieved his ACG. Congratulation!

Andreas Fehrens, ACG

We are really happy to announce that Andreas Fehrens, one of the most faithful members of Bohemian Toastmasters received his Advanced Communicator Gold award. Great job! Our club is extremely proud to have you in our lines.

To briefly explain what is ACG. In Toastmasters we have two tracks: communicaton and leadership track. There are important milestones in each track and the recognition after each milestone is expressed by a title. To receive a title you must finish particular manual or more manuals in case of advanced project.

  • In communication track, there are these milestones: CC (Competent Communicator), ACB (Advanced Communicator Bronze), ACS (Advanced Communicator Silver) and ACG (Advanced Communicator Gold). More info
  • In leadership track, there are these milestones: CL (Competent Leader), ALB, ALS, High Performance Leadership. More info

After finishing both tracks, you may receive DTM award (Distinguished Toastmaster).

Thank you Andreas! Looking forward to your BTM :)